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Froz the Pure Bread Hu$tla aka Smokey Bryant was born in NY on February 8th 1985, and lived in Nanuet NY until the age of two. He then moved to Middletown NY and resided there until the age of 14 and then moved to Matamoras, PA. 
Froz first started rapping when he was 11 years old and got more serious around 15 but at the same time was always on a grind. He started rapping with friends and battled online on forums and in the streets from 1997-2003. He continued rapping and hustling in the streets up until the age of 20, at which time he was locked up from late 2005 till late 2007. While incarcerated he wrote approximately 400 songs and started studying the music business by reading any and every book available on it. Upon release he recorded approximately 100 songs in his own studio and got back on the grind to pay the bills. 
Summer 2008 he returned to prison and would not be released until early 2010. During the last two years years of incarceration he decided to educate himself on everything possible that could come in handy in a legitimate life of business centered around music. So, he studied the music business more in depth, taught himself to write contracts by reading books about it and practicing writing mock contracts for artists, management, promotions/joint venture contracts, and other aspects in the music business. He also read and studied about money management, business management, money marketing, investments, real estate, goal setting, writing business plans,and in the mean time wrote over 4,000 songs. When he was finally released again April 15th 2010 it was with a new mind and a new plan in life, and every day since he has executed that plan! 
Since then he has written over 1,000 new songs, recorded over 600 songs and went to school at the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan for Audio Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Soldering, Studio Design, and Music Business. For 9 months he took the train over 2 hours each way from port jervis ny to penn station ny to get to school for music. He graduated in June 2011 with a 4.0 GPA and high recommendations from all of his teachers. 
He has since opened a professional studio (Pure Bead Studioz aka Da Kennel) where he is the Owner/Operator, Head Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Booking Agent, Money Handler, Studio Maintainer and Manager. He owns Pure Bread Entertainment and is a Co-Owner of Pure Love Management (an event coordination company). He has educated himself in social media marketing and in his spare time outside of music and promotions he makes more money with marketing online. 
His music is always available and can be contacted directly, or on facebook at

PURE BREAD STUDIOZ aka DA Kennel is open for business.
Twenty Five (25) dollars an hour for recording, mixing and mastering services. 
Pure Bread Studioz has a professionally sound treated vocal booth
Software: Pro Tools 10 with thousands of dollars in plug ins
Interface: Audio box 44vsl, 
Mics: Neumann TLM102, Sennheiser MK4 and the Blue Spark 

He can be contacted at or on facebook at 
If you're serious about your music and are looking for package deals / whole mixtapes and / or albums he will work with you on prices too!. 
- Froz aka Smokey Bryant 
P.S. Also in the past year I have also released 2 completely professional mixtapes and and EP entitled "Ready to Live" released on Universal Indie Records and Pure Bread Entertainment. 
Official FREE Mixtape Download Link: 
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Universal Indie Records and Pure Bread Entertainment 
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Froz (aka Smokey Bryant)'s 1st EP "Ready to Live" AVAILABLE NOW!! 
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